I have always loved going to see live music shows. The feel of the drums and bass pounding on your chest. Sometimes the volume kills my ears. The ringing for a few days. Knowing I should have worn earplugs to save my hearing, I just couldn’t do it. I am all about the music and earplugs always made the music sound muddy to me.


I recently went to a show with my son, Jesse. For some reason we were talking about earplugs and he mentioned he would like to get some Eargasm earplugs. I had just the person he needed to talk with. Dominique Lousteau with Crescent City Gumbo was going to be at the show and I have heard him talking about how great they were on his live streams.

We met up with Dominique at the venue and I told him what we had been talking about. He hooked us up with some Eargasm earplugs and wanted our opinion on them.

The bands kicked off and I reluctantly put in earplugs. Instantly I was blown away by the clarity of the music. I am a musician and a sound guy so I love hearing every integral part of each instrument. Normal earplugs have always made the music muddy sounding to me, which I’m not a fan of.

Not these earplugs! The sound quality was there and 100% the only difference was the volume. I could even talk to the person next to me without pulling them out.

A few nights later we went to another Metal show and decided that we should do an experiment. He wore his Eargasms and I did not. Then we compared notes. He was able to hear all of the high end guitar parts and lower runs, whereas I thought it sounded drowned out in the mix for me without the Eargasms. Once again, proof that live music is better with Eargasms!!

Another first for me was standing in line, I heard multiple conversations about Eargasm earplugs. Everyone was talking about how wonderful the product is and highly recommended them.

Thank You Dominique Lousteau for introducing us to this product. I can safely say I will NOT be attending a live show without my Eargasms. Placing more orders soon.

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