Who is The Color 8?

Founded in 2015, phoenix-based band The Color 8 are masters at blending styles of music, ranging from rock/metal to r&b, jazz, and hip hop.

This 4 piece band consists of a saxophonist (Ashton Vaughn Charles), drummer (Wisco3), guitarist (Kal The Guitar Hero), and bassist (Jerm), all of whom contribute a variety of styles of vocals.

Following several tours across the United States, The Color 8 has amassed over 160k collective followers on social media, thousands of monthly listeners on all streaming platforms, and the attention of several celebrity level musicians.

The Color 8’s Music

If you’ve known me for any amount of time or have even read some of my previous spotlight articles on this site then you are probably aware that I really like when musicians create something outside the box. Music that pulls from all of the artist’s influences and that creates something special.

Through the pandemic, a band that has fit within that criteria for me has been The Color 8. A band completely unapologetic for taking all of their eclectic influences and wearing them right on their sleeve.

I’ve followed these guys for just long enough to know that if they are releasing new material, as soon as you hit play, you are going to be surprised. Will they come out swinging with a metal tune? Will that metal tune have incredibly poetic lyrics rapped with an electrifying skill? Will the song be a beautiful instrumental jazz piece? Will they drop some soulful R&B? Hell, will they do all of this in a single song?!

For me, the mystery that comes with playing their entire discography in the car on the way to pick up my kiddo from school, hitting random, and seeing what happens is absolutely thrilling. Something that makes all the traffic nonsense of Austin palatable.

To me, that’s the mark of something special. Music that makes it a little easier to make it through the strangeness that is everyday life is a winner, in my book.

If you’re looking for a place to start with the band, I highly recommend checking out Savage Season and Summer in October. These two songs show the incredible diversity of the band’s music.

What’s New With The Color 8?

Since the beginning of 2020, the guys in The Color 8 have been incredibly busy, releasing 8 singles and a 5 song EP called Foot on the Gas.

Their most recent single, Run It Back, released in November 2022 embraces the metal and hip-hop/rap influences I previously mentioned simultaneously in a way that makes it the perfect song to add to your workout playlist. I dare you to put that sucker on during your next gym session and say you didn’t dig a little deeper than normal.

Check out their site for updates on the band and make sure you buy some merch while you’re there! https://www.thecolor8music.com/

Make sure to follow them on all social and listening platforms!

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