Who is Flagman?

Flagman was founded back in 2015 in Orlando, Florida by Sam Stewart and Cody Singleton, with a goal to create the crispiest, most deep-fried alternative metal the world had ever seen. That is, once they found a drummer. After a year-long search, Grant Freeman joined the duo, turning them into a trio. Channeling the eclecticism of the 90s rock scene with influences including Primus, System of a Down, and Mr. Bungle, Flagman’s sound is as familiar as it is puzzling. Through the almost unnaturally logical combination of vocalist Sam’s distinctive bass playing, drummer Grant’s driving rhythms, and sizzling leads from guitarist Cody, the band has managed to create a combination that’s completely unique.

Flagman’s Music

Flagman is one of those bands that are a unique diamond in the rough. It’s easy to compare them to bands like Primus and System of a Down but I think doing so is a disservice to what truly makes Flagman special, not to say these two bands aren’t clear influences on their style.

When you dive deeper into the music of Flagman, you will find lyrics and music that aren’t afraid to be a little silly and not take itself too seriously. The musicianship is top-notch and requires a huge amount of talent to pull off.

To me, Flagman gives me the same excited feeling I remember having hearing Jerry Was a Racecar Driver by Primus for the first time on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater as a kid. It takes the sentiments I’ve built up in my head about music through my life and throws it on its head. Their music gets me excited about what modern music can be.

All of this to say, if you like music that lives outside-the-box, I couldn’t recommend Flagman any more. They are an incredibly fun band that aren’t afraid to express themselves, which is the sign of a true artist that has found a form of expression that is really special.

Check out my personal favorite Flagman song, Nice Guy, below!

What’s New With Flagman?

At the time of writing this, Flagman has two full-length albums, The Ladybug Dilemma and Thank You, Come Again. The latter being their most recent release.

Some standout tracks to checkout by Flagman include: Bumblebee (you might know this one if you are on TikTok), Dummy, Sniff, and Nice Guy.

As a bit of a side note, if you are a collector of vinyl, definitely check out Thank You, Come Again on vinyl. I was lucky enough to snag a copy and I have to say it sounds absolutely incredible on vinyl. I know the run of pressings was super limited so they might be sold out already but definitely check it out if there are any left. Grab a shirt while you’re there.

The Flagboiz also have a new single called Hot Dog Off the Log coming soon (April, 14th 2023) so make sure you check out the following link to pre-save https://linktr.ee/flagmanband

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